All about USSD Codes?

USSD Code means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data,It is also called a Features code. What it helps is, it just make a contact with the customer to the service provider. It provides us many more services like call back,internet settings, Talktime offers and many more offers.

There are many Networks in India.
4.Tata Docomo

List of Airtel USSD Codes –

*121# – Special offers for every number varies with different mobile numbers.Some mobile number gets Talktime offers and some other gets Data Balances.
*121*6# – If your Airtel number is connected with Dish Tv Account then by checking this we can manage channels either subscribe or unsubscribe.
*123*2# – Checks for Local SMS Balance. This helps in checking the SMS Balance.SImply helps in getting the remaining sms.
*121*7# – The Last 5 Transactions from your mobile number, i.e., Share talktime or special offers that you have used from main balance and other value added services that are avaialable can be seen through this ussd code.
198 – Its alike customer care executive where we can lodge comaplaints on the things where we find difficulty through out the options like settings,Balance deduction and other things.

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List of Vodafone USSD Codes –

*111*2# or 141# – This helps to check the main balance in the vodafone.
*199 – Customer care, Any queries, suggestions etc can be done through this and when connected and followed by IVR.
*156# – Check Available number of minutes in vodafone can be checked with this.
*157# – Remaining SMS Balance can be checked by using this.
*111*2# – Can check the mobile number if needed with main balance in it.

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List of BSNL USSD Codes –

*123# – This USSD code helps in checking the main balance and validity of the mobile number.
*123*1# – This ussd code helps in checking the sms pack on the registered mobile number.
*102# – This ussd code helps in checking the last transaction details of the mobile number.
*124# – To set call costs low,we can set friends and family numbers for our number.If we call, the numbers which we put,call cost would be reduced.
*123*5# – This helps in checking the Network balance,special vouchers and other balance details about network.

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ALL USSD Codes List

ALL USSD Codes List

List of Idea USSD Codes –

18002700000 – Customer care number,any queries,suggestions,complaints etc.
*369# – Activate packs by code,special packs and whatever we feel like we can activate.
*125# – This code is used to check the Data Balance in Idea whether it is 2G or 3G.
*147# -Selfcare is like my account,Tariff charges and night packs.
*567# – Magic packs like special recharge,extra recharge special offer.
*43# – Activate Call waiting.Other callers have to wait to talk to you in order to get your call

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List of Tata Docomo USSD Codes –

*111# – This is about checking the main balance in Tata Docomo. Helps also in checking the validity of the sim and balance.
*111*1# – This helps in checking the 2G Data balance in Tata Docomo and validity of the data balance that registered through your mobile number.
*191*9*8# – This ussd code helps to know about the special offers that are avaialble of your phone number.
*191*8# – If we are facing a problem with that a request can be sent,thats service request.
*191*9*6# – Prepaid bill request can be done by this code. Bills can be paid by using this.

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List of Reliance USSD Codes –

*367# – This helps in checking for Main balance in Reliance.
*367*2# – This helps in checking the local minutes that are available in your mobile phone that related to mobile number.
*333*3*2*1# – This helps in getting the Missed call alert when someone misses your call.
*999# – Hot news like Gossips, Movie Reviews, Astrology, News etc.
*333 – This is reliance customer care number,any suggestions,queries etc can be asked when all the IVR options are once gone.

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List of Aircel USSD Codes –

*125# – This helps in checking the Main balance in Aircel. How much balance available in your mobile phone can be viewed by using this USSD Code.
*122*666# – This code helps in Aircel balance Transfer.We can send main balance from our Aircel mobile to another Aircel mobile or other network by using this ussd code.
*126*4# – This code helps in getting the Data balance or Internet balance.Either we can check 2G balance or 3G balance of the number,remaining data balance can be viewed by using this ussd code.
*126*2# – To check the SMS,Mobile number,Validity of your mobile number. Mobile number validity and other deatils can be viewed by using this ussd code.
123 – Customer care number,Querires,Questions,Suggestions and many more from this number Aircel customer care.

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List of Telenor USSD Codes –

*121# – To check the current plan of yours,my schemes, my offers, many more services.
*121# – Customer Executives, through dialling this we can talk to the customers directly,these are some of the USSD codes .
*222*4# – Every simcard has a number, we can check that by dialling to that number.
*505# – Missed call alerts can be applied by dialling the number.
*325# – Facebook for every phone, it can be accessed through any phone.

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